An Eternal Love for Balletic Sculpture

I've seen my share of artworks shrunken down and merged with traditional jewelry, yes it's curiously a conversation starter, but most seem more like small pieces of fine art rather than wearable jewelry. Despite this, I have come across one specific jewelry designer who captures this type of motif perfectly through his passion for sculpting.

If you haven't yet seen the expressive ballerine sculptures of Kylo Chua, then you're definitely missing out. He weaves a measureless, almost harmonic composition into every aureate figurine in his beautiful jewelry series, which is appropriately titled 'the thumbeline sculptures' in reference to the fictional persona of Thumbelina from the children's fairytale story.

Chua draws his enticing subjects on paper, contouring them into elongated, gradual and nearly seamless versions of themselves. He masks them in a picturesque draping of gold or reflective white, conveying a purity that can be felt from both visual and tactile connections to his artworks. Many of these small miniature sculptures have been featured in over twenty different galleries around the Asian continent at various seasonal exhibitions.

Kylo generates a tasteful, yet romanticized portrayal of our human condition using the curious, gestural abstraction of his design elements.

His ongoing 'Eves of Eight' series is currently among the Philippines' highest trending art collections this year, spanning through notable mentions from prestigious universities like the country's Ateneo de Manila.



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